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Say Cheese

• Original
• 16x20"

• Acrylic on Canvas

• Signed by Michelle Bazis
• Unframed

Say Cheese


HANDLING : When handling the painting, avoid touching the stretched surface and do not allow any objects to press against the front or back surface of the canvas - this could create permanent indentation damage. 

DISPLAY : Avoid extreme environments such as direct sunlight, fireplaces, and humid bathrooms. Intense heat, moisture and UV exposure can damage or discolor the painting over time. 

LIGHT : The best type of light for your painting is indirect sunlight, recessed lighting, and halogen lights.

CLEANING : The safest way to clean/dust your painting with with compressed air in a can. Another option is to use a soft sable brush to gently dislodge dust while holding a vacume away from the surface to capture debris. Do not use any liquids, sprays [even water] or a damp cloth to clean your painting. Do not use brushes or feather dusters to clean a painting as threads can scratch the painting. 


M. BĀZIS has a small team of helpers, and our goal is for you to have a top-notch experience at every stage of the ordering process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, or if you're interested in a custom order, please reach out directly via the contact page.

Collector's Edition

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