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The Bike Inn, Bike Sleep Repeat commissioned painting by Michelle Bazis, testimony by owner Jeremy Rose
"I asked Michelle to paint a picture of The Inn and when she showed me what she created, I was absolutely blown away. She captured the soul of The Bike Inn. It feels like her painting every night here. Thank you for capturing it!"

Jeremy Rose, Owner

The Bike Inn Bentonville


Are you interested in commissioning an original work by Michelle Bāzis? Here is some information about initiating the process. Of course, each collaboration is unique, so your experience is not limited to these steps.

Contact Form

Fill out the commission request form below. Please include as much information as possible. What is the project for? Are you looking for photography services or an original painting? Where do you plan to display your piece and what size would you like it to be? If you have any images to aid in the creative development process, please include those as attachments when completing the form.


Artist Pitch

Once Michelle receives your request for commission, she will review your notes and follow up with any questions. Michelle reserves the right to reject any commission request for any reason.  Her preliminary pitch will include a general concept [idea], an estimated artist's fee, and an anticipated timeline needed to complete the project. 


Deposite & Deliberate

Based on an agreed concept, fee, and timeline, you will receive a retainer request to begin the project. Michelle will not begin work on your commissioned project until this non-refundable retainer is received. Once the retainer for your project is received, she will begin creative ideation and sketch-making or mood-boarding. The timeline to complete your commissioned project will begin once the final concept is approved by all.



All original works by Michelle Bāzis will come with a certificate of authenticity. Packaging, framing, shipping and/or in-person delivery costs are to be included in the artist's fee.

Commission Request Form
Upload File

Thank you for your interest in a commissioned work by Michelle Bāzis. Watch your inbox for follow-up emails.

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